À propos

Who am I? I am a 34 years old French lady trying to maintain my passion for my role by constantly learning from people I try to help in their career path.

The idea of this blog came recently while one of my relative was searching for more information to planify his career. Over these decade of experience, I have always been interested by people key drivers: what engage them to be performant.

My experience is mainly focus on recruitment and I had satisfaction to see my role evolving into talent acquisition and slowly to talent management. All of this acquired in different context: consulting agency, RPO activities, shared services center. In large companies and in different locations: Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and currently working in Luxembourg.

But driving a career brings also introspection, doubts, uncertainty…Above all, it should be driven by a unique motivator: satisfaction and happiness.

Each individual even in staying into an expertise will go through changes, evolution of its role, working context. This blog is my memo tool to accompany those changes, to share all the advices I wish I had when launching a career.