5 characters to get inspired to perform successfully at work

Some moment may be tough at work and it may help to identify to a “hero”. Here are 5 abilities perfectly represented by famous characters that we should get inspired.


  1. Perry Mason

perry mason

For his influencing skills. Perry is the character who was working as advocate, defending a client that at the beginning everything was indicating that person as guilty. He was very assertive in his questions which helped the jury to make decisions based on facts not feelings or make them think under another angle.

  1. Mac Gyver


Because you need to be smart enough to work with minimal or without resources or budget. He demonstrated great skills to work from scratch, without framework.


  1. Jack Bauer


Because you need to work on very tight delay, and face unforeseen event, work under pressure and keep a cool head.


  1. Hannibal Smith

hannibal smith

“I love it when a plan comes together”. As far as I remember, his plans were never working as planned but it at least worked at the end.

What should be retained is the flexibility and tactic skills, getting the right balance in keeping a strategy in mind with flexibility to face unforeseen changes.


  1. Huggy “les bons tuyaux”(Huggy Bear)

huggy bear

A reference because he represents the ability of monitoring and analyzing the market. Always up to date on what is going on in the environment.


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